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Biotech Final Capstone Presentations
BioTech Students

Another first in CGUHS Biotech class was the Final Capstone Presentation led by Julia Leija, Benjamin McFann, and Matthew Ward, held Friday, May 17. After a year of research and preparation, the Biotech 4 trio was able to present their research projects to the entire Biotech class. It was also attended by the Engineering class of Mr. Morris and the Chemistry class of Miss Palomares. Special thanks to the guest judges, Miss Hardin and Mr. Morris. Kudos also to Merlin D'souza as our emcee and Lillian Hernandez for the technical assistance. In truly being the first to accomplish such a feat, the bar has been raised for future Biotech students to actively integrate and apply all they learn in the development, implementation, and analysis of a practical, hands-on research project that has a scientific focus. Biotech students are taught by Mr. Noel Que.